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Bill Lefevre Owner

Whether you are an individual, operate a corporation, limited liability company, or a partnership, we can accommodate your needs for tax planning and preparation

We use the same tax program as the Internal Revenue Service which afford us the same outlook of your tax return as the IRS, this offers a unique protection for all our clients.

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Our Commitment

We believe whole heartedly that you've worked hard to make your money and we think you should keep as much as your legally entitled to.

Our accounting firm has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the fields of income and business taxes. Whether your an individual or a business let us advise you how to prepare for the future and improve your financial situation.

We are committed to provide the highest quality business and personal services at the most reasonable cost to you. Even for the smallest customer such as a single individual with a very simple tax return, we can find a way to advise the client; in a way that will improve their tax and financial situations. The income tax code and the demands of banks, insurance companies, and other companies that everyone must deal with on a daily basis have become very complicated, and we can relieve that hardship.

When you partner with us, we don't desert you! We're here year round, long after the Blocks lands, and the cookie cutter companies have closed shop. Because we know tax issues and audits don't cease on April 15th.

~ Bill Le Fevre, Owner