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Business Services

A business starts as a good idea, but It can become very hectic quite quickly. We want you to be successful! Let us help. Why not rely on a trusted and accessible business partner to handle your financial needs? Then, you can concentrate on doing what your good at and let us do what were good at! Together we can make a business thrive.

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Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping

Every business needs the financial data that accountants and bookkeepers prepare in order to fulfill regulatory obligations and make solid business decisions. It should come as no surprise that outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping work to a third party provider can cost a lot less than hiring a full time employee; that translates into more profits to your bottom-line and growth to your business and client base. Let us handle your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll.

Income Tax Preparation

We are a full-service, year-round income tax preparation company specializing in fully computerized federal and state tax preparation of Individual & Business returns. Let us handle your Sole proprietor, Corporate, and Partnership returns. We will ensure your business gets the maximum deductions allowed by law.

Sales Tax Preparation

Conference Room

Sales Tax preparation and Use tax preparation is a time sensitive function with state mandated filing requirements and deadlines. The reality of the matter is that most companies do not have the personnel who have both the expertise and the time to effectively manage sales and use tax compliance. Let us help you make this process easier while staying in full compliance.

Conference Room Rental

Imagine cushy executive chairs, a large conference room table and multi-media. You can have your meeting anywhere, but no place gives you the style, comfort and prestige of Superior Tax and Accounting Services. Let us host your next meeting or training session in a well-appointed meeting space in a prime office building.

Corporation Annual Minutes

Regardless of whether you are the sole owner, officer and director of a Massachusetts corporation, the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act requires that the corporation maintain minutes of all meetings of shareholders and directors, including an annual meeting. We prepare annual minutes for many of our clients and are happy to assist you in this requirement.