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Personal Services

Every client has unique needs and circumstances. Here at Superior Tax and Accounting Services, we provide you with the personal attention you deserve. We provide a variety of services that help you make wise financial decisions.

We Work When You Work!

april 15 tax day

Unlike many companies, were not just open at tax time, throughout the year our staff is here to help you. We can prepare, file and amend your tax returns

Do You Have Un-Filed Tax Returns?

Let us help you! Everyone has reasons why they were unable to file a tax return. However, Those reasons do not matter to the IRS. The IRS has updated there technology to find you, and asses high penalties against you. Let us help you, before that happens. At Superior Tax and Accounting Services we can file those missing tax years for you.

Did You Receive a Letter From the IRS or a State Agency?

If you receive a letter from the IRS about your tax return, don’t panic! The IRS notice you receive likely covers a very specific issue about your account or tax return. Here we can help you understand that letter and settle matters quickly.

Do you know if your going to owe taxes this year?

When April 15th comes will you owe taxes or not? Nobody likes surprises when it comes to money and finances. So at Superior Tax and Accounting Services we can review your paycheck and make sure your boss is withholding the right amount for you, so April 15 isn’t a surprise.

We take Care Of Your Notary Needs

Notary Work? We can be your Notary Public. Our licensed professional notary services are just another way we make life easier. Open year round let us be the one notarizing your important documents.

Every Year Tax Laws Change

Tax laws change frequently, and it's too much to keep up with on your own, even if your background is in finance. Here at Superior Tax and Accounting Services, we study and review these changes so we can offer you the best tax benefits.

starting a business

Thinking of Opening a new Business?

If you decide to venture outside the world of cubicle employment, either to work as an independent contractor or start your own business, Superior Tax and Accounting Services can make the transition easier for you by advising you how to do it correctly from the start, and by passing problems later.

One of the reasons rich people have so much money is because they know the "ins and outs" of the tax system and have skilled professionals to help them make educated decisions. You should, too. We can help you devise strategies that enable you to keep more of your money.

At Superior Tax and Accounting Services you will find friends, that act with honesty, integrity and professionalism. That means we won’t lie to you about your finances, and we’ll try to help you save money.