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Checking the Status Of You Refund

You may call toll – free or go online to check the status of your income tax return efiled by OPS.

Please have the following information ready

Federal Tax Return

Call toll-free (800) 829-1040 Or visit IRS Refund Status

To inquire about an offset to your refund please call (800) 304-3107

Massachusetts State Refund

Call toll-free (800) 392-6089

Massachusetts Unemployment

The 1099G form, typically required for filing taxes, will be available online at the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance (UI) Online Application site after January 31.

If you have not received it by February 5th, please call (877) 626-6800 or (617) 626-6800 to request a copy.

CT State Refund

Call toll-free in CT (800) 382-9463

Call from other States (860) 297-5962

NY State Refund

Call toll-free(800) 443-3200 or (800) 225-5829